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Improve How You THINK – Brendon Burchard

{As we approach “championship” time, conference tournaments and IHSAA tournaments in our Winter Sports, it is time to “Think Like a Champion!”  How do we do this?  Please read Brendon Burchard’s article…}

Mastering your mind is a fundamental element to living a fully charged life.

Many people have good intentions, but just can’t seem to overcome the negative thought patterns that overtake them and hold them back.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, writing and speaking about mastering the mind.

So, let’s talk about how your thoughts are generated. According to psychologists, we have two systems of thought.

System 1 is our unconscious, immediate thoughts and impulses that arise automatically from the body. If you had fears and challenges in the past, and a similar situation arises, your body generates those fears and says, “We’ve been through this before. Stop what you’re doing, don’t take risks, let’s protect ourselves.”

These thoughts are automatic, but they often are not helpful.

It’s just your brain saying, “this is the easiest route we know.”

The reality is that the brain loves to optimize itself. It doesn’t like to have to do a lot of thinking. It just likes to say, “What do we already know? How can we apply it to this situation and stay super safe?”

Many of us are dominated by System 1.

System 2 is the hallmark of a more mature, conscious enlightened person. It’s the conscious dashboard on our mind that regulates our ability to directly work, control, generate, and create our own thoughts and behaviors in the moment, not relying too much on automatic responses.

The world’s most successful people have tapped into this dashboard. Even when they have automatic negative thoughts – and they certainly do — they know how to discipline their mind to transform them.

How do we develop positive automatic thoughts? I call the framework RWID, which stands for Relative Weight of Importance and Duration.

People have negative recurring thoughts and feelings in their life because they are giving the negative thoughts more attention than positive ones. In other words, the relative weight that they give those repetitive thoughts is quite high.

The downside of this is clear: if you keep obsessing about negative things, your mind will be conditioned to bring them up automatically.

But there is a bright side. We can use this same rule and apply it to our positive thoughts. Focus on positive thoughts over a period of time, and they get sealed in the brain. After you’ve given relative weight to these thoughts, the brain says, “that’s easy,”and automatically thinks about those positive things.

How do you make this switch?

First, place awareness on your thoughts.

Then, redirect your negative thoughts to positive ones using visualization. Give your thoughts a sensation, feeling the positive thoughts and outcomes in your body. Use repetition to encourage your mind to engrain them into your mind. With focus, we you create an entirely new thought paradigm.

Every single person has unconscious thoughts. But most of us have extreme power to overtake them. Even those with mental disorders can work with psychologists and therapists to re-condition their mind by allowing them a different way of attaching meaning to past incidents and, ultimately, to making healthier decisions in the Now.

No matter who you are or where you’ve been, you can use the power of the mind to direct itself into positive orientations, to make healthier decisions, and to enact healthier behaviors. This is personal power.

Stay strong my friend. You deserve to think well of yourself and this incredible world.

Sending you a full charge of joy and motivation,

– Brendon

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