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I’ve {Brendon Burchard} been blessed to work with Olympians, billionaires, media moguls, celebrities, and every day people from all walks of life seeking a better life.

You know what I’ve learned:

Those who succeed and those who perpetually struggle THINK soooo differently.

For example,

  1. When it’s easy to stop momentum by making the excuse, “I don’t know how to do that,” successful people say, “It’s my mission to go learn how.” They make a to-do item on their agenda to go learn the area they have a deficiency in.
  2. When unsuccessful people quit by saying, “I don’t have that…[enough resources, assets, followers, etc],” successful people say, “Then it’s my time to go build that.” They immediately start building the reality they desire. Not talking. Not waiting. Building.
  3. When it’s easy to say, “Well, I’m not like them… so talented, so natural, so skilled, so lucky,” then that’s the time they say, “It’s my time to grow into my best self, to become the person who would deserve to succeed like that.” They focus on personal development not excuses. They create a learning plan, they forge new habits, they get to work on their character and discipline.

At some point, we must elevate and say, I must change and take charge in order to advance toward my dreams.

I can’t wait for circumstances to change.

I don’t need permission.

It’s time I challenge myself and bend reality to my will.

These thoughts can change your life.


You might be surprised at how the next level of thinking can give you the next level of aliveness and success in life.

Talk soon,

– Brendon

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