Multiple Teams · What is a Leader?

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This information was taken from Ryan Renquist’s “The Notebook of Champions” Building Success One Victory at a Time (Sixth Edition).


{As we are rapidly approaching the 2017 Fall Sport Season, as a student-athlete it is time to consider your role on your upcoming team.  Everyone has a role and all roles are equally important!  If we don’t have roles and fulfill them to the best of our ability, our teams are destined to fail.  This doesn’t mean you have to like your current role, but you have to be the best you can at it while working toward your ultimate role/goal.  Are you considering being the team leader?  This is a must-read for you!  – LL}

What is a Leader?

A LEADER, LEADS BY EXAMPLE: A leader must be a positive role model at all times. Every word spoken has to be a positive word. Every act he does must be a positive act. A leader can never be negative. He must be a shining example of what it takes to be great.

A LEADER BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN OTHERS: A leader must be the type of person that others want to be like. He has to inspire his teammates to be their very best.

A LEADER IS AN EXTENSION OF THE COACH: Most players are well behaved when the coach is around. However, when the coach is not around, negative things can occur. Any type of negative talk, about the team or another player, is detrimental to the team. A leader does not try to cut corners in any way. He knows what the team and school rules are and does not break them himself, or allow others to break them.

A LEADER IS A HARD WORKER: A leader must enjoy serving others. He must want to do the things that are necessary for a team to have success. A leader is always trying to think of ways he can help improve the team.

A LEADER PUTS THE TEAM FIRST: It is easy to come up with excuses why we can’t get a task done. I hear those excuses all the time. If you want to do something, you can almost always do it. If you don’t want to do something, you can almost always find an excuse so that you don’t have to do it. I want people who I can count on to be there. I want people who are committed to basketball all year – not just during the season.

A LEADER TRULY WANTS TO BE A SERVANT: You can’t fake it, you either want to be a positive servant to your team, or you don’t. The leaders of this team do not have to be the best players. In fact, I think it is neat when someone who isn’t a great player steps up and takes on a leadership role. Your job as a member of this team is to find some way to make a positive contribution to the team. For some that contribution may be providing leadership.

Leading by Helping Others:

If you think it ever was about you as a leader, you are wrong. Leadership is about others. Great leaders love and care about others more than themselves.

{The helping of others comes in many different forms from a simple “pick-me-up,” acknowledgement in the hallway or cafeteria, help with homework or the obvious help on the athletic field/court.  Think about when you were less confident than you are now.  What was it you wanted from your team leaders?  Be that person for your team!   I am excited to kick off this next sports year & I can’t wait to see you all in action! –  LL}