Multiple Teams · MV’S BEST KEPT SECRET!


As we approach the deadline for this year’s $10,000 raffle drawing, 12/5/17, we need your help to reach our goal!  Please help your student-athlete sell their tickets (sent home in September) and/or return sold tickets and $$$ so we know how close we are to reaching the goal: 4000 tickets sold! Tickets are $10 each, or if sold by your student, they can be sold 6 for $50 (12 for $100).  We need for students to complete the form sent in the ticket envelope to identify the “free” tickets so that Expressway Mt. Vernon can reimburse us ($10 each free ticket).

Please also write your name on the back of each ticket sold as winning sellers also receive $$$.  In addition, we are adding selling incentives for the students:  gift cards, freebies and ultimately a special parking spot or special seating in the gym for home games.

This year’s money will continue to go to each of the 20 IHSAA sport teams as well as Cheer and Dance to allow them to use the money as each individual team needs: uniforms, travel, etc.  Additionally, we are upgrading our weight room (equipment ordered today) and would like to help offset the cost of the equipment ($25,000+).

Call us with questions and thanks for your support of MV Athletics!  #WeAreMV!