Multiple Teams · Boys BB to Host “Meet the Wildcats Night!”

We invite you to join us for our 2018-2019 “Meet the Wildcats Night” sponsored by Boys Basketball.

It starts at 7 pm and the doors will open at 6:30 pm.  Coach Aldridge has set the tentative schedule as follows:

Meet the Wildcats Night

Tentative Itinerary

  1. Start time will be at 7:00.  Coach Aldridge will give a “Welcome.”

2. The Dance Cats will be announced. Alexis Macon, So. Whitney Young, Jr. Faith Barker, Jr. Hannah Nurrenbern, Jr.  Tori Thompson, Jr.  Brooke Pate, (Captain) Jr. Madison O’Daniel, (Captain) Sr.  Bailie Kimmel

3. Park and Rec K-1 announced as a group

4.  Park and Rec2-3 announced as a group

5.  Park and Rec4-5 announced as a group

6.  6th grade boys announced

7.  7th grade announced as a group

8.  8th grade announced as a group

9.  Freshman team announced as individuals

10.  Sophmores announced as individuals

11.  Juniors announced as individuals

12.  Seniors announced as individuals

13.  2 Min warm-up

14.  Scrimmage 10 mins

15.  Half-court shot 5 mins

16.  2 min warm-up

17.  JV Scrimmage 10 mins

18.  Dance team does a short routine

19.  5 minute warm-up

20.  White/Maroon Scrimmage (20 mins)


Price of Admission:  1 unopened Gatorade!