Multiple Teams · Dribble Into Our Sport; Get Young ‘Cats on the Court

The Boys Basketball staff met with members of the community and parents of youth basketball players on Sunday evening to discuss the creation of the Wildcat Youth Basketball Association (WYBA). Coach Newcomb shared a detailed plan he and his staff have developed to create playing opportunities for youth throughout the calendar year.  Members present were able to ask questions and provide suggestions on how to help best get the youth program off and running. The basketball staff is hopeful to have board members established in the next several weeks and they will begin working immediately to implement several of the key components detailed in the plan handed out on Sunday.

The goal of the WYBA is to provide an opportunity for ALL Mt. Vernon youth boys to get involved in the game of basketball.  The coaching staff wants this to be a comprehensive K-12 team approach where everyone is using the same language and philosophies so ALL of our players understand what we are doing from a young age.  This will allow everyone to be on the same page and build upon their skills each year as they move up in the system. The association will allow players at a young age to build a connection with the basketball program and give them another opportunity to stay involved with the school.

The group plans to meet again shortly after Spring Break to talk about who will be on the board and a plan moving forward for the Spring. If you have any interest in volunteering or being a part of the WYBA in any way, please reach out to Coach Newcomb through email at  Building a K-12 program with consistency throughout all levels will allow us to to build upon our PLAY HARD culture and further develop a program that our school and community is excited about supporting.