Multiple Teams · Spring Senior Spotlight: Theron Browning

Spring Senior Spotlight:  Theron Browning

Name:  Theron Browning

Nickname:  TheRon

Spring Sport:  Track & Field

Who introduced you to the sport?  Xavier Maxwell introduced me to the sport my 8th grade year

Favorite Number:  As of right now, my favorite number is 27. It was the number of the go kart I drove when I was in Panama and it happened to be the fastest one in stock so I lapped everyone and it made me very happy to say the least.

Pregame Rituals/Superstitions:  When getting set into your block, no matter who you are in track, you must jump as high as you can at least once before you step back into your block.

Favorite Spring Sport Memory:  My sophomore year, during the FroshSoph meet, MV finished early and we did a bunch of crazy games and did leap frog and I could tell other teams were jealous of our team spirit.

Least Favorite:  My senior year when I wasn’t able to compete due to COVID-19.

Favorite place to compete:  Aside from home meets, I enjoy Princeton invites/meets.

Goals for this season’s sport:  49.9 second 400 meter dash

Hero/Inspiration: Most Influential Person:  Keith Kinnaird

Plans after high school:  I am going to IUPUI’s School Of Informatics and Computing to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Sciences. I will be the worlds least famous director, and worlds best.

Favorite Music Group:  Kids Bop

Favorite Food:  Anything with teriyaki chicken

Favorite Book:  The Holy Bible

Favorite Movie:  Hot Rod

Favorite Subject/Class:  English

Favorite Spectator Sport:  Football