Multiple Teams · Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Bronson Quinzer

Spring Sport Senior Spotlight:  Bronson Quinzer

Name:   Bronson Quinzer

Nickname:  Bobo

Spring Sport:  Baseball

Who introduced you to the sport?  My father as soon as I was old enough

Favorite Number:  23 because of my birthday

Pregame Rituals/Superstitions:  Never step on the foul line

Favorite Spring Sport Memory:  Going up to Jasper my Junior year and beating them

Least Favorite:  losing in extra innings to Memorial

Favorite place to compete:  At home in font of my loved ones

Goals for this season’s sport:  Try to have a .500 BA because I was just short the last two years

Hero/Inspiration: Most Influential Person:  LeBron James

Plans after high school:  Attend USI for business administration and constructional science, I want to flip houses for a living

Favorite Music Group:  Travis Scott

Favorite Food:  Mexican

Favorite Book:  The Shining by Stephen King

Favorite Movie:  Star Wars Saga

Favorite Subject/Class:  Math

Favorite Spectator Sport:  Basketball