Multiple Teams · Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Hunter Wiltshire

Spring Sport Senior Spotlight:  Hunter Wiltshire

Name:  Hunter Wiltshire

Nickname:  Big Country

Spring Sport:  Baseball

Who introduced you to the sport?  My Father when I was 4

Favorite Number:  35 because we were a host family for the Evansville Otters and my favorite players number from that team was 35

Pregame Rituals/Superstitions:  Wearing arm bands

Favorite Spring Sport Memory:  Pitching a complete game shutout against Bosse

Favorite place to compete:  Bosse Field

Goals for this season’s sport:  Have a good final year overall with my teammates

Hero/Inspiration: Most Influential Person:  My Father

Plans after high school:  To play baseball for USI my Major is undecided

Favorite Music Group:  Luke Combs

Favorite Food:   Chinese

Favorite Book:  Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Favorite Movie:  Sandlot

Favorite Subject/Class:  Physical Education

Favorite Spectator Sport: Football