Wildcats News · IHSAA UPDATE: Health History Questionnaire Consent & Release Form ADDED

IHSAA UPDATE:  Health History Questionnaire Consent & Release Form ADDED

On Monday, at a statewide online meeting, the IHSAA revealed that a new “Health History Questionnaire Consent & Release Form” would be added to the requirements for student athletes for the 2020 – 2021 school year.  This step has been added to the previous statement/process that was released last month.  We apologize for the inconvenience for those who had already completed the previous requirements, but we need for you to add this final step to your student athlete’s 2020 – 2021 registration.  This must be completed and turned in prior to July 6, 2020 in order to start summer workouts with any MVHS athletic team!

Steps to REGISTER your student athlete for Mt. Vernon High School athletics:

Step 1: Login to your Final Forms Account (previous MVHS student athlete) or Create a New Profile if your student athlete is NEW to MVHS/Final Forms.

Online Student Registration Link:  https://mtvernon-in.finalforms.com

Step 2:  Fill out the Information if you are NEW or adding a student athlete.  If you are returning to your profile for a current MVHS student (sophomore – senior), you only need to update the information as needed and re-sign off electronically on each form.

Step 3:  On the final page, “IHSAA PPE Physical (For Physicians)” you will choose whether or not your student-athlete had a 2019-20 IHSAA Physical on File and Cleared to play.

If you choose to have a new physical completed, or if your student athlete was not cleared to play last year, or is a first time MVHS athlete, you will select “…. did not have a valid 2019-2020 physical on file.”

You will then “CLICK TO PRINT – IHSAA PPE Physical Form” as shown above.   Take this form to the Doctor. If you are unable to print, most doctors offices have these forms on file or can print one off for you.

If the athlete DID have a valid 2019-20 IHSAA Athletic Physical on File, was cleared to play and you wish to use it, select the first option as shown below: “… had a valid 2019-2020 physical on file and was cleared to play.”

This first selection will generate the new requirement from the IHSAA.  To complete your student athlete’s registration, “CLICK TO PRINT – IHSAA SPORTS HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE.”  If you are unable to print, contact your athlete’s head coach or stop by the MVHS Main Office and pick up the form.  This new form must be filled out, signed and returned to the Athletic Office on or before July 6 for your student athlete to be able to complete any summer workout at MVHS.  Once completed, you may turn it in via one of the following options:

  • Drop off at the MVHS Main Office located at 700 Harriett Street in Mt. Vernon
  • Mail to the Athletic Office:  700 Harriett Street, Mt. Vernon, IN  47620
  • Return to a Head Coach at a team meeting or at the first workout your student attends
  • Fax to the Athletic Office:  812-833-2090
  • Scan and email to the Athletic Office:  latshawla@mvschool.org

Step 4:  Make sure the Parent/Guardians Sign and the Student-Athlete Signs all electronic forms as well as the IHSAA SPORTS HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE.

Thank you for your patience and assistance in registering student athletes for the 2020-2021 school year!  #ALLIN  #WEAREMV

{If you have questions, please email us luckettdm@mvschool.org or latshawla@mvschool.org  or call the Athletic Office at: 812-833-2060.  Please note: we are not in the office daily to check the phones, but we do check email daily.}