Wildcats News · Champions 101: The Heart of a Champion – Travis D.

June 26, 2020

The Heart of a Champion

“Never underestimate the heart of a champion.” Maybe you’ve heard a coach or a broadcaster say those words at some point – probably just after some team or individual has upset an opponent, overcome the odds, or won in surprising fashion. It’s true. The heart of a champion is a powerful thing, and it shouldn’t be underestimated. Those we consider the best at what they do are usually driven by a deep love for playing the game, doing the work, and embracing the process that greatness requires. It’s worth your time to stop and consider today, in the important areas of your life, this simple question: do you have the heart of a champion?
When you put your heart into something, it’s usually evident for all to see. One way people see it is through your passion. When you’re driven by a powerful, passionate feeling on the inside, it has a way of showing itself on the outside. For most of us, it’s that passionate feeling that first comes to mind when we think about love. That’s because typically, what we feel plays an important part in loving anything or anyone. I’m sure you’ve experienced the feelings that come with being in love – the butterflies in your stomach, the racing heart, the euphoria. Those feelings matter, and they can be valuable. They can energize and empower us, and drive us to do some remarkable things.
That kind of feeling – that passion – is an important part of becoming your best in any area. I want to encourage you today to live, work, and play with passion. If you love what you do, show it! It should be tough to contain. Clap your hands, or pump your fist, or give someone a high five. Spread that love! When you do, it energizes and empowers those around you. That passion can drive you and your team to do some remarkable things, all in the name of love.
At the same time, I want you to see clearly today the reality of our feelings. No matter how powerful they might be in a moment, the truth is that feelings fade. They ebb and flow. They come and go. And while the heart of a champion is displayed through their passion, there’s more that makes a champion a champion. There’s something that runs deeper and holds stronger than a fleeting feeling ever can.
What runs deeper and holds stronger in the heart of a champion is a unique level of commitment. That commitment is represented not by how the champion feels, but rather by the conscious choice they make each day to honor what they love, regardless of how they feel . The champion recognizes that when it comes to living, working, and playing from the heart, passion is important…but commitment is essential.
The champion recognizes that when it comes
to living, working, and playing from the heart, passion is important…but commitment is essential.
Stop and consider for a minute a couple you know who’s experienced success in marriage for 20, 30, or even 40 years (or more). I mentioned already that at some point, all of us have felt the feelings associated with love, and of course those in the happily married category surely have, too. But do you really think those people have spent the lifetime of their marriage floating on a cloud of butterflies, racing hearts, and euphoric feelings? Of course not. We said it already: feelings come and go for all of us, and they do for these people, too. So why have they not just survived, but thrived in this important but challenging area of life, when so many around them have fallen short? Because each one of them have made a conscious decision to honor what they love, over and over again each day, regardless of how they feel . What that level of commitment creates, in marriage or any other area of life, is impressive and unique.
So wherever it is you’re working to win today – on the playing field, in school, at work, or at home – do what champions do. Live, work, and play with passion, and use it to energize and empower yourself and those around you. But more importantly, make the commitment required to become your best, and show your love by keeping that commitment regardless of how you feel . If you do, you’ll probably find yourself in the best possible position to win. Then, when people ask you the secret to your success, you can tell them the truth. That when you put your whole heart into it, anything is possible.