Wildcats News · Hard Work vs Competitiveness

This year’s Student Athletic Council has chosen to set a theme for each month.  Last month was “All In August” and this month is “Sensational September.”  SAC is challenging each of their teammates in every sport, in season or pre-season, to make an individual commitment to make the most of every opportunity to practice and participate.  Our student leaders know that this is how not only individuals get better, but teams get better as well.  We are off to a great start!  Keep it up Wildcats and let’s continue to have a “Sensational September!”

Along those same lines, not only do we need our student athletes to work hard, we need for them to compete.  The competition starts within the individual to do his or her very best, it extends to competing with our teammates to raise our collective levels of effort and capitalizes with the expectation of success when we face our opponents.  Watch this short clip from Duke University’s Women’s Basketball Coach Kara Lawson on the difference between hard work and competitiveness: