Wildcats News · Delancy to Sign @ North Dakota State University!

Delancy to Sign @ North Dakota State University!

The MVHS Athletic Department is excited to announce our latest signing:  Faith Delancy will be signing to North Dakota State University!  We will celebrate this occasion on Wednesday, January 13th at 3:30 P.M. in the MVHS main gym. She will join the NDSU football team as an equipment manager. 

Faith has been managing since 8th grade year, when Lisa Dixion asked her to be a volleyball manager. Since then, Faith continued to managed volleyball for her freshman and sophomore year.  She has been a football manager for all four years.  She picked up the role of  basketball manger her sophomore year, and this spring she will be adding track and field to her resume.

Faith likes managing because she says, “managing brings new and exciting tasks each and everyday and always keeps me up on my toes.”  She chose North Dakota State University because as soon as she stepped on campus she felt at home. Faith says “Everyone was so welcoming on and off campus and everyone had something good to say about NDSU. NDSU will give me opportunities and challenges that will help me advance in my future endeavors.” Faith will me majoring in Sports Management to pursue a career with the NCAA or NFL. 

Faith would like to thank her friends and family, but especially her sister Alicynn Delancy for always being her biggest supporter and constantly being there for her. She thanks her parents for allowing her to follow her dreams and the countless hours they have put into her career. Her friends, Haley Rutledge and Amber Allyn, always encourage her and push her along her way and she is thankful for that as well. Faith would also like to thank all of her coaches and teammates for always welcoming her and pushing her to do her best.    Not to be left out, Faith would like to give a huge thank you to all the parents of her teammates for always supporting her and trusting her to do her job. The love and encouragement you all have given her has not gone unnoticed. Faith says “Without everyone I would not be where I am today. So thank you!”

While she also wanted to thank the Athletic Department, we are the ones who owe her a debt of gratitude!  Faith has been very instrumental in helping us maintain our level of sanity during these difficult times as she has been more than willing to jump in and help on whatever we need her to do.  She has grown into an integral part of our office and has taken the initiative to help complete the daily, weekly, yearly tasks, etc, that all go on behind the scenes in support of our programs, athletes and coaches.  She epitomizes #ALLIN!

Faith, you will be missed as you have definitely left your mark here at Mt. Vernon Senior High School, but we congratulate you and wish you the very best on this next chapter of your career.  We are proud of you and know that you will continue to do great things as you move forward.