MV Youth Basketball

Above all else you read on this page.  No matter what sport any child plays.  Say these 5 words to them often…  “I Love Watching You Play


Our Youth Basketball program begins in November with Park and Rec Basketball for grades 2-5.  We practice and play until mid-January.  This is an instructional league with 2 practices a week and games on Saturday.  The MV Coaching staff will lead 2-4 practices designed to impart the fundamentals of the game and help our Volunteer Coaches plan their own practices.

The Park and Rec Season exist to provide an opportunity for our young boys to learn some fundamentals of basketball and learn to enjoy playing basketball with their peers.  We are not here to count number of points and number of wins.  We want all of our youth basketball players to enjoy playing FIRST.  We are focused on developing young boys, not developing college athletes.  We do not have a large budget and will not charge a large fee to participate.  This league is a league of inclusion, not a league of exclusion.  All kids regardless of their skill set are welcome and encouraged to participate and have fun.

After the Park and Rec season, the coaching staff will present an opportunity for the 4th and 5th graders to continue to play in tournaments outside of Mt. Vernon.  These tournaments run through the first of March.

Not all kids are ready to truly compete in games.  Many of our Future Wildcats are not ready physically, mentally or fundamentally to travel and compete against other schools.  Research shows that most kids are not ready to truly compete until the age of 12.  However, playing games is not the only answer to getting better.  Practice, Practice, Practice is the only way to improve your individual skills.  Ball Handling is the first step to improvement.  There is no substitute for being able to dribble, catch and pass with both hands.  To help in this area, we offer camps and clinics throughout the year to teach the drills and skills our kids need to compete when they are ready.

Park and Rec Registration Form 2017

West Side Youth Basketball League:  If your kids are ready to compete outside of Mt. Vernon, this league has been really productive for our kids.  The games are played at Perry Heights Middle School and they do a great job of creating a fun atmosphere and competitive games.  Sign ups are usually in September and games are in November, December and January.  Check out their Website:  WSYB


Below are other links of interest for our parents, coaches and kids.

Changing the Game Project – A great youth sports website for parents and coaches.

Check out this YouTube video from TED Talks.  Changing the game in youth sports

Too Many Games

MV Boys Basketball Coaching Manual

This is a great website for Youth Coaches to use.  It can help you with team practices or individual workouts:  USAB Youth Introductory Level.


Below are some practice plans for our Youth Coaches.  These need to be done for all ages up to 6th grade.  They are also good plans for anyone to use during there respective school seasons.

Youth Practice 1

Youth Practice 2

Youth Practice 3

Youth Practice 4

Below are some Drills

Shooting Drills

Ball Handling