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Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Breckan Austin

Spring Sport Senior Spotlight:  Breckan Austin Name:  Breckan Austin Nickname:  Baus Spring Sport:  baseball Who introduced you to the sport?  my father as soon as i was hold enough to hold a ball Favorite Number:  8 originally because of Marcus Mariota but now because I have some of the best memories wearing that number Pregame Rituals/Superstitions:  don’t step on the foul

Today Is National Student-Athlete Day!

Today Is National Student-Athlete Day! To honor our MVHS Student-Athletes, here are the all-sport photos from the past 3 seasons!   Thank you all MV student-athletes, especially the Class of 2020! Underclassmen, keep working to get better today than you were yesterday.  It will pay off and you will have no regrets! #ALLIN #WEAREMV  

Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Hunter Wiltshire

Spring Sport Senior Spotlight:  Hunter Wiltshire Name:  Hunter Wiltshire Nickname:  Big Country Spring Sport:  Baseball Who introduced you to the sport?  My Father when I was 4 Favorite Number:  35 because we were a host family for the Evansville Otters and my favorite players number from that team was 35 Pregame Rituals/Superstitions:  Wearing arm bands Favorite Spring Sport Memory:  Pitching a

The Crucible of Character – Travis D.

The Crucible of Character A crucible is a melting pot used in the refining of precious metals. When those metals are mined from the earth, they contain impurities that must be removed. By placing them into a crucible and then turning the heat up to extreme temperatures, the materials separate. What’s weak and worthless burns

Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Bronson Quinzer

Spring Sport Senior Spotlight:  Bronson Quinzer Name:   Bronson Quinzer Nickname:  Bobo Spring Sport:  Baseball Who introduced you to the sport?  My father as soon as I was old enough Favorite Number:  23 because of my birthday Pregame Rituals/Superstitions:  Never step on the foul line Favorite Spring Sport Memory:  Going up to Jasper my Junior year and beating them Least Favorite:  losing

Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Rhett Snodgrass

Spring Senior Spotlight:  Rhett Snodgrass Name:  Rhett Snodgrass Nickname:  FedEx Spring Sport:  Golf Who introduced you to the sport?  My Grandpa introduced me to the sport my Freshman year. Favorite Number:  17; I am 1 of 7 kids in my family Pregame Rituals/Superstitions:  I putt on the practice green with 3 balls and mark them soon after before playing

Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Maggie Jones

Spring Sport Senior Spotlight:  Maggie Jones Name:  Maggie Jones Spring Sport:  Tennis Who introduced you to the sport?  My mom introduced me to tennis when I was 4 years old. Favorite Number:  36 because it is a perfect root and 3 and 6 are factors of 6.  Pregame Rituals/Superstitions:  I have a “warm-up” playlist and I listen to

10 Tips for Competitions

10 Tips for Competitions {Now?  Should we be spending time on this now when we are on furlough from high school athletics indefinitely?  Yes!  Absolutely, we must spend time on this mindset training now!  If we start to practice these tips today, they become a matter of habit so that when we get our chance

IHSAA News Release: 2020 Spring Sports Officially Cancelled

IHSAA Officially Cancels Spring Sports For those who are wondering how sports will be affected by today’s announcement to close schools for the remainder of the school year and finish through e-Learning, etc, the IHSAA made an announcement shortly after Governor Holcomb’s press conference today: 2020 Spring Sports have been cancelled.   Our hearts go

Spring Senior Spotlight: Jackson May

Spring Senior Spotlight:  Jackson May Name:    Jackson May Nickname:  JMay Spring Sport:  Golf Who introduced you to the sport?  My parents, once I could walk, and I was on the course when I was 2. Favorite Number:  19. Because it’s my birthdate. Pregame Rituals/Superstitions:  I change my golf ball brand out based on how I played it last.